Alabama Authors

We don't know if it's our water, our incredibly dedicated creative writing instructors or our inherent storytelling ability, but this state produces a disproportionate share of America's great authors. Below is a list of living Alabama writers with books in-print by major publishers, who are now residents, were born here, or honed their skills in The Heart of Dixie. Check back tomorrow, a great new voice might very well be added, and like the majority on the list - The Alabama Booksmith will probably have signed copies of their works.

Lydia Alexander
Ace Atkins
Leah Rawls Atkins
Russell Banks
Allen Barra
Marlin Barton
Jonathan Bass
Philip Beidler
Clyde Bolton
Alice Bowsher
Rick Bragg
Sonny Brewer
Jimmy Buffett
William C. Carter
William Cobb
Dennis Covington
Vicki Covington
Franklin Daugherty
Brent Davis
Elizabeth Dewberry
Walter Edgar
Helen Ellis
Ben Erickson
Fannie Flagg
Ralph Fletcher
Wayne Flynt
Deborah Ford
Joe Formichella
Tom Franklin
Frye Gaillard
Charles Gaines
Anne George
Charles Ghigna
Andrew Glaze
Gail Godwin
Wayne Greenhaw
W. E. B. Griffin
Winston Groom
Anthony Grooms
Carolyn Haines
Virginia Hamilton
Barry Hannah
Chris & Idie Hastings
Melinda Haynes
Aileen Kilgore Henderson
Homer Hickam
Sam Hodges
Roy Hoffman
Frank Turner Hollon
Suzanne Hudson
Robert Inman
Harvey Jackson
Joshilyn Jackson
Norman Jetmundsen
Madison Jones
Rodney Jones
Don Keith
Kathy Kemp
Nanci Kincaid
Cassandra King
Michael Knight
Harper Lee
John Logue
Jacqueline A. Matte
June Mays
Robert McCammon
Diane McWhorter
Marianne Moates
Michael Morris
Albert Lee Murray
Sena Jeter Naslund
Don Noble
Han Nolan
Helen Norris
Julia Oliver
Judith Paterson
Richard North Patterson
Jack Pendarvis
Phyllis Alesia Perry
Lynn Pruett
Thomas Rabbitt
Howell Raines
James Redfield
Judith Richards
Michelle Richmond
Don Roberts
Jim Rogers
Jack Sacco
Dale Short
Frank Sikora
Warren St. John
Frank Stitt
Mike Stewart
Tom Stoddard
Kim Sunee
Gay Talese
Keith Thomson
Jeanie Thompson
Melinda Thompson
Natasha Trethewey
Judy Troy
Sue Walker
Daniel Wallace
W. H. Watford
Brad Watson
Sheldon B. Webster
Edward O. Wilson
Kathryn Tucker Windham
J. Wes Yoder